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How can I request a free trial to CR7 Crunch?

Click here to sign up for a complimentary guest pass on us!

How do I join CR7 Crunch Fitness?

Click here to purchase a membership. We’re excited to have you!

I got charged for an Annual Fee. What is this charge for?

The Annual Fee is an investment which provides for equipment upkeep, facility maintenance and periodic upgrades at our locations.

I want to cancel my membership.

You can cancel your membership 10 days before the expiration of the subscription month, on the date you signed up. For more information, contact your gym directly to receive more information.

I want to freeze my membership.

Please contact your home gym directly for more information.

What does my membership include?

Our gyms boast state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment. You’ll also get to try out our epic classes, make a good use out of the entire gym, and full locker room access,  Not to mention, we’ve got the best personal trainers in the biz at an affordable rate, plus free sauna and turkish bath (subjected to the location)

How do I upgrade my membership?

Please contact your home gym.

Can I buy a day pass?

Yes. Price differs by location, so please be sure to contact the gym closest to you.

Do you offer short-term memberships?

Sometimes! Request a guest pass on crunch.com at your selected location and we’ll email you about special offers.

Personal Training

What is personal training? Is it right for me?

Personal training is designed to help you crush your fitness goals, regardless of if you’re a novice or a seasoned athlete. We strongly believe that personal training is the fastest and safest way to get great results for all our members. Our individualized fitness programs and nutrition tips put together by our certified instructors will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

What is Small Group Training?

Want the expertise of our personal trainers, but not ready to go at it alone? Small group training is for you! The team environment helps keep you motivated and our certified trainers will keep you challenged and engaged.


CAMP CRUNCH gives you all you need to explore every aspect of fitness across personal training, small group training and nutrition. From beginner to badass, this is where your fitness journey begins, elevates and continues. It is where challenges are overcome, goals are surpassed and bodies are transformed. Whether you train one-on-one or with a group, our support & sustenance will guide the way. Developed in partnership with Throwdown®, this exclusive series of programs utilizes the Combative Training Center (CTC) to build speed, agility, power and strength.

What are the certifications required to be a trainer for CR7 Crunch Fitness?

Crunch’s preferred certifications and education:

  • Current CPR
  • Certification from organization recognized by CR7 Crunch Fitness
  • A degree in a related field is preferred (Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, Physical Education, Nutrition, Fitness Specialist, etc.)

Group Fitness

I’ve never taken a class before, what should I expect? Is it going to be too hard/can I keep up?

Our classes are challenging but inclusive of all fitness levels! We aim to make working out FUN for everyone.

What are the certifications required to be a group fitness instructor?

Candidates should have relevant fitness or education certification, background or degree with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience. AFFA and/or ACE Certifications strongly recommended. CPR is also required.

Around the Gym

What should I bring to the locker room?

Gym clothes, proper sneakers, a lock, workout towel and a great attitude! Plus, if you want to wash up after your workout, bring your toiletries, a bath towel and shower sandals (optional). And if you have our Peak Plus membership, we’ll provide the fluffy towels, and hair dryers for everyone. (so you can leave those at home).

What is proper gym etiquette when using equipment?

Make sure to wipe down equipment after use. During peak times, please spend no more than 60 minutes on the cardio machines. Sharing is caring!

Embrace A No Judgements Philosophy


We are nurturers: we seek only to encourage, entertain, and empower.


Here we keep open minds. There is no one type or way in our diverse community. Come as you are!


We know serious fitness is hard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an edge-of-your-seat, can’t-get-enough, look-forward-to-your-workouts party.